Pam Hatcliff

“I have had business dealings with Gayle McKew as my Financial Advisor since 2002. During that time I have found her to be very professional and most helpful regarding my financial interests and later my entry into an Aged Care Facility. I would recommend her to people who require such assistance as she is most helpful and approachable.”

John Halcro

To whom it may concern

I would like to submit the following testimonial for Gayle McKew, Strategic Financial Planner with Prosperity Planning Partners.

My siblings and I engaged the services of Gayle McKew for assistance in all of the financial issues involved in the admission of our mother Patricia Anne Halcro into supported accommodation. We consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to have had Gayle as our adviser, who we have found to be extremely courteous and professional at all times. Gayle has been available for all of our issues and enquiries and provided clear advice and explanations that were easy to understand.

On behalf of my mother and family I would like to thank Gayle McKew for everything she has done and we would have no hesitation in recommending Gayle to anyone.

Eddie and Deanna Leeon

We first met Gayle McKewwhen she was our financial adviser about eight years ago. At the time she was working for another organization. We sought the services of this company because we needed to manage our monthly budget and we were looking for ways to maximize the use our income. What my wife and I liked about Gayle was her no nonsense approach to telling us when we were over spending and losing sight of our long-term goals. Sometimes this advice is hard to hear, but Gayle never shirked this responsibility.

Gayle left this group about four years ago due to disagreement with the management of clients’ funds. Recently we also decided to leave this company because we were not happy with how our projections were looking, nor with their increase in monthly fees. The combination no longer represented value for our hard earned money.

Having had such a good relationship with Gayle we returned to her for advice, which is always given in the best interest of the client. With Gayle we are now about to refinance our home loan and are keenly looking forward to getting back on track with our financial growth. With the last group we were locked into their preferred banking institution and we were limited in our income producing options. With Gayle and HNW we are about to finance at a much lower interest rate and are discussing much broader options for the short and long-term future.

I happily recommend Gayle McKew to you as a financial adviser because I believe her knowledge is up to date with current trends. Her knowledge in financial matters is vast, yet she continues to develop professionally by attending available seminars and investment options presentations. Gayle is open and honest with her discussions with us whilst making sure she helps us to focus where we are going with what we have. Gayle continues to plan our investment approach based on our comfort level and our changingshort-term needs without losing focus of our ultimate goal.

Eddie and Deanna Leeon 7th June 2014

Donna-Lee Greaves

Dear Gayle,

It is with great respect for your knowledge, resourcefulness and solid ethics that I heartily recommend your services as a financial planner. In a contemporary culture of dodgy operators, your forthright, unwavering approach to clear and honest advice is refreshingly reassuring.

Kind regards,
Donna-Lee Greaves

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