Retirement Planning for Future Prosperity

You’ve worked hard all those years – Let’s plan for you to live well in retirement

When it comes to retirement planning everyone has different needs, yet we all want the  same feeling that comes with knowing our futures are secure.

That your finances will help to provide freedom to choose where you live, and how you spend your time and money.

At Prosperity Planning, we take time to listen to you, to understand your individual situation and needs before we start with anything else. Knowing you’re understood and heard can be one of the most important parts of planning for your future.

With Gayle’s depth of experience, skills and knowledge of financial strategies, she can often see options for our clients others may miss. This depth of experience allows you to structure your retirement plans in the best possible way.

Imagine being able to never pay tax again, some of our clients are in this happy position!

Let us help design a retirement that provides you with flexibility and certainty during the various stages of retirement. We love helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their individual situations.

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Strategic Retirement Planning – Securing Your Future

When it comes to your superannuation, or your SMSF, it’s important to know someone has your back to help you maximise your outcomes.

Gayle’s been provide advice on the most suitable strategies and investments for your current situation and future goals.

We’re able to assist in setting up and running a self-managed superannuation fund, including provision of:

  • administration services
  • investment strategies
  • investing inside your SMSF
  • even ensuring tax returns are completed and all tax obligations are met.

There are so many ways to help you plan for retirement.

Perhaps you’d prefer to make a slower transition to retirement? Many people do.

Imagine being able to reduce work hours without it impacting your lifestyle. Did you know there are strategies available to assist you to draw an income stream from your super … before you actually retire!

Or strategies designed to help boost your superannuation savings while helping you save on tax personal taxes at the same time?

At Prosperity Planning we focus on providing strategic retirement planning advice to help you achieve your best life!

Each case is carefully considered to preserve your future wealth and to maximise  your outcomes.

Experience shows how vital getting the right advice can be to help protect your retirement lifestyle and your investment nest-egg.

Why not let us help plan your retirement?

No. 1 retirement planning tip:

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement, I’ve been doing it since I started my first job as a 17 years old!

Now is the time to speak with our retirement strategist and superannuation expert, Gayle McKew.

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