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When it matters most, you can make informed decisions based on the best aged care advice from compassionate industry experts

Feeling overwhelmed with information and unsure which option is best for your family’s situation? Need aged care advice?

Transitioning your loved one into an Aged Care facility can be an emotional, financially confusing and stressful time, but it doesn’t need to be that way… We’re here to help save you time and stress.

Prosperity Planning will carefully and respectfully consult with you to fully understand your family’s situation. When it comes to minimising fees, preserving wealth and protecting assets, we personalise our advice to best suit your needs. Experience shows getting the right advice can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars every year your loved one is in care – which really adds up!

Professional aged care advice with the big picture in mind

We understand there may be multiple factors to consider when it comes to placing your loved one into permanent aged care, including their financial situation, family dynamics and potential legal issues. Aged care facilities themselves are not legally allowed to recommend anything related to your loved one’s financial situation. Although well-meaning, they often overwhelm families with jargon and a wide range of new and unfamiliar terms such as accommodation deposits, daily care fees, means tested care fees, extra service fees, premium service fees, etc. etc.

As your professional aged care adviser, we can help to:

Break down the jargon

Provide valuable guidance

Assess, recommend and implement the most suitable financial strategy for your family

Help you understand the future financial implications

Prepare the require paperwork for Centrelink or DVA (a key step to reduce ongoing fees)

Liaise with the facility of your choice to negotiate contract conditions and agreements to ensure your family and loved one gets the best possible outcome

Let us provide the peace of mind which comes with knowing you’ve made an informed decision and secured the best aged care situation for your loved one and your family.

No. 1 aged care advice tip:

Expert guidance saves you time, money and stress. We’re here to support you.

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